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 Celebrating 25 Years

Back in 1999, the Route 20 Association of New York State was formed. It was in the same year the NY Road Challenge was organized. Our Route 20 “Charter” is 108 scenic miles on US 20 (from Duansburg to Lafayette). The premise behind the Route 20 Association is to highlight the past, the present, and the journey of Route 20.This historic road started out as a Native American trail and through time, with the invention of the automobile, transformed into the eventual paved roads of today! As a microcosm of the full 3,365 miles (coast to coast) our section of Route 20 holds a great deal of history as well! As generations evolve, so did the infrastructure that surrounds this beautiful landscape. Like our past, one can still enjoy the quiet wonders of our small towns and villages as well as our vast farm lands! And many of our sections of Route 20 consist of a two lane roadway. As the travelers of today enjoy the sights, sounds, and fragrances of the special lands that make Route 20 what they are today, so do a special group of people that make up what we call the Route 20 Road Challenge.

The Road Challenge consists of many dedicated runners and walkers (favorably referred to as “Route 20 Roadies” that race, run, walk, and traverse the same roads before mentioned! They do this during special Route 20 Road Challenge Races and or on their own, for no other reason than to enjoy the exercise, the views and “the hills”!!! This year, the Road Challenge consists of 27 events, from April to November. We have special gift cards and clothing awards for participating members. What makes this even more special is that this is a club without dues!!!! Whether our group of participants compete for special race awards, race and walk with the mindset of racing against themselves, or to just go out there to have fun, the end result is always the same. Mental and physical well being! We all share the motto, “we are a social group with a running problem”!! So, with that being said, we all celebrated in 25 years by running/walking all 108 miles of our Route 20 Byway. We could not have accomplished this feat without the willingness and cooperation of all of our Roadies. It was a great day, a great event and it ended with a great meal!! No one could ask anything better!!!