Upcoming Events:

at the Cooperstown Art Association Galleries

Calling all quilters and quilt collectors! Registration for the Fenimore Quilt Club 2023 Show is one day only! Please bring your quilted items to the Cooperstown Art Association Galleries on Saturday, January 20th, from 10am until 3pm. Exhibitors are asked to register no more than two items. All quilts and wall hangings must have a 6" sleeve or other suitable method for hanging before they may be registered for the show. The only exception is for antique quilts which should not be hung because of their condition.                                       

Insurance coverage for exhibited works is the responsibility of the owner. If anyone is interested in selling any of their displayed works, information will be available during registration. 

The highly anticipated Fenimore Quilt Club 2024 Show will be held February 3rd through 18th at the Cooperstown Art Association Galleries located at 22 Main Street in the Village Hall on the corner of Main and Fair Streets in Cooperstown NY. Quilt Show Hours will be Daily 11am-4pm and Sunday 1-4pm.

For more information please contact Sharon Chambers at (607) 547-5306, Lisa Smith at (607) 435-6674, or the Cooperstown Art Association at (607) 547-9777. For show details, loan form, and registration for visit us on the web at www.cooperstownart.com

A view of the 2022 Fenimore Quilt Club Show at the Cooperstown Art Association Galleries.

About The Cooperstown Art Association
The Cooperstown Art Association is a non-profit arts organization. Our galleries and exhibits are always free and open to the public. We are located at 22 Main St. inside of the Village Hall Building - on the corner of Main & Fair Streets - in Cooperstown. For more information on our current and upcoming happenings, please visit www.cooperstownart.com! Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11am-4pm