Schoharie County & Scenic Tours M-P

As you re-enter Route 20 from Cherry Valley, turn east on Route 20 and almost immediately you'll see The TePee, a 60 year old attraction and gift shop and an "original" to Route 20. Visitors to Schoharie County have long called it "picture-perfect", and for good reason. The view is up close to the rolling pastures and fields brimming with nature's bounty. Schoharie County is also known as "New York's Land of Caves" and is home to the largest cave in the Northeast, Howe Caverns and the less well-known Secret Caverns, both in the hamlet of Howes Cave off Route 7. 



Route 20 Scenic Tour M - Historic Sharon Springs - Schoharie County

A few miles east of the TePee is the village of Sharon Springs. Turn onto Route 10 north and travel down Main Street to the historic old section of Sharon Springs. In its prime, Sharon Springs catered to thousands of people who came for the healing powers of its mineral waters. Many quaint shops and unique eateries line Main Street as this village works to rebuild itself. A stop at the restored 1847 American Hotel will capture the uniqueness of this community. Sharon Springs can be explored while browsing antiques or visiting the Sharon Historical Museum and Schoolhouse. Or, discover the landscape by hiking, horseback riding and architectural walking tours. Return to Route 20 and turn east and travel about 5 miles to to the junction of Routes 20 and 145 south at Sharon Hill and Scenic Tour L. 

Route 20 Scenic Tour N – Cobleskill Loop – Schoharie County 

Traveling south on Route 145 through productive farmland and horse farms through the hamlet of Lawyersville to the Village of Cobleskill, settled in 1752 by grist mill owner Jacob Kobel. Cobleskill is the home of SUNY Cobleskill College of Agriculture and Techhology, celebrating 100 years since its charter by the New York State Legislature in 1911, one of the oldest institutions of its kind in New York State. Cobleskill is also home to the Schoharie County Sunshine Fair located on the original fair grounds comprised of rare19th century Victorian style buildings and located in the Cobleskill Historic District. Continue the journey on Route 7 east to the hamlet of Howes Cave, home of the Iroquois Indian Museum and world renowned Howe Caverns. Continuing eastward on Route 7, through the hamlet of Central Bridge, birthplace of George Westinghouse, inventor of the railway air brake and largely responsible for the introduction of alternating current (AC) to the power industry, to Route 30A south and your tour of the beautiful Schoharie Valley. 

Route 20 Scenic Tour O - Visit the Valley - Schoharie County

As you travel south on Route 30A you will begin your travel in the historically and agriculturally rich Schoharie Valley, along the Schoharie Creek which flows north into the Mohawk River at Schoharie Crossing. In less than 5 miles, enter the hamlet of Central Bridge, birthplace of George Westinghouse, inventor of the railway air brake and largely responsible for the introduction of alternating current (AC) to the power industry. Turn east on Route 7/30A south and continue on Route 30A south.

At the Schoharie Valley Visitor Center -- on the west side of the road at the Dunkin Donuts entrance just past the I-88 interchange -- pick up your copy of A Guide to the Schoharie Valley to discover all there is to see and do in the Valley. At the junction of Route 30 (end of 30A) is the Apple Barrel, a unique country shop and cafe. Route 30 is known as the Timothy Murphy Trail after a local folk hero credited with firing the shot that mortally wounded the English General Fraser in the Battle of Saratoga in 1777, thus depriving the English of leadership in that crucial battle. In fact, the Valley earned its nickname, "The Breadbasket of the American Revolution" when George Washington stationed troops here to protect one of the main sources of food for his army. Today, you will find farms of all shapes and sizes, raising everything from animals to asparagus to fruits and zucchini. 

Continue on Route 30 to Schoharie Valley Farms, where the Ball family works the rich soil and preserves the heritage of the valley. As you enter the village of Schoharie, look for the Old Stone Fort Museum -- a 1772 stone church that was fortified and attacked by British forces in 1780 -- that celebrates and preserves the rich, historic legacy of the Schoharie Valley. Continuing on Route 30 south to the village of Middleburgh with more shops and eateries.

Route 30 south continues through the broad Schoharie Valley , past fruit and vegetable farms to the hamlet of North Blenheim, home of the New York Power Authority. On the NYPA grounds are historic Lansing Manor and the NYPA Visitors Center where everyone learns about energy, electricity and the environment. A bit farther south on Route 30 is Mine Kill State Park and thenGilboa, a former village now submerged in the Schoharie Reservoir which supplies water to New York City. To see some of the oldest tree fossils in the world, turn east on Route 990V, cross the Schoharie Creek Bridge and the fossil exhibit is on the left, next to the Town Hall. 

Return to Route 20 by traveling back north on Route 30 to the village of Schoharie. In Schoharie, travel east on County Route 18 toWellington's Herbs and Spices. Soak in the scenery, sit by the ponds and enjoy the hospitality. 

Return to Route 30 and continue north for about 10 miles to the junction of Route 20 just east of Esperance. 


Route 20 Scenic Tour P - The Arboretum Excursion - Schoharie County 

At the junction of Route 30 and Route 20, turn west on Route 20 for one mile, cross the Schoharie Creek and turn north on Charleston Street and follow signs two miles to Landis Arboretum. The Arboretum is a 548 acre public garden featuring plants, trees, old growth forests, hiking trails and educational activities. Plan to spend the day, maybe with a picnic lunch. Return to Route 20 and travel the Scenic Byway east to Schenectady County and the village of Delanson.